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Oscar son of Satan or the devil is a caller on Coast to Coast AM Oscar is a self-proclaimed demon that accurately imitates the raspy inhuman voice from the Dragonball GT super villain Baby...[1]

Oscar started to call in 2005.

Oscar possesses a women named Rachel  Oscar has been involved in 107 exorcisms since 1936.[1]

On April 29 2005 Rachel called Coast to Coast AM said Oscar was going to possess a radio host in Bismark, North Dakota  Mike from North Dakota told George  that Oscar calls his his show once a week. In a bizarre technical glitch Oscar gets on the show several times.[2]

Oscar called again on September 16 2005. He said he was behind Hurricane Katrina & has been in Hell planning another disastrous event with his father. Rachel was also allowed to speak and informed George that Oscar has again taken possession of her body.[3]

Oscar called again on Feb 24 2006 and said that Elvis is not dead  but living in the Midwestern united states, under witness protection. Elvis will be his next victim.[4]

Oscar feuded with CLAMP leader JC  Oscar said to JC, "Look in the mirror, and you'll soon see snakes growing out of your face."[5]

It is unknown when Oscar will debate JC. .

After a long period from his last C2C appearance, Oscar called George during the third hour of an open line show on Friday 7th May 2010. Oscar said that he was upset with George for not asking permission from him to talk about demons. Oscar claimed to be behind the Icelandic volcano eruptions and said that Yellowstone would soon erupt. He also suggested that he would soon possess all Coast to Coast listeners; George then ended the call early.[6]

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